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About Nonprofit Management Solutions Guiding Principles

Organizational Values

As a nonprofit organization seeking to strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit sector primarily in the San Diego region, Nonprofit Solutions believes in:

Commitment to the public good;
Accountability to the public;
Compliance with the law;
Promotion of client independence;
Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals;
Inclusiveness and social justice;
Respect for pluralism and diversity;
Transparency, integrity and honesty;
Responsible stewardship of resources;
Commitment to excellence and to maintaining the public trust;
Collaboration with others; and,
Ensuring our own competence through continual learning.

Code of Ethics

Personal and Professional Integrity - All staff, board members and volunteers of NPS act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. We promote a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.

Mission Fulfillment - NPS has a clearly stated mission and purpose, approved by the Board of Directors, in pursuit of the public good. We are mission-focused, and maintain our relevance by meeting needs in a changing environment.

Responsible Governance - NPS has an active and effective governing body that is responsible for setting the mission and strategic direction of the organization and oversight of the finances, operations and policies of the organization. Governance transparency is key to our operation.

Legal Compliance - NPS is knowledgeable of, stays current with, and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Responsible Stewardship - Maintaining effective governance and management, NPS generates adequate resources, manages resources effectively, supports and recognizes its volunteers, and appropriately compensates staff. NPS abides by clear conflict of interest policies and avoids abuse of power. We exercise due diligence in all program and fiscal matters including the generation, management and acceptance of funds.

Fiscal Integrity - NPS raises funds from public and private corporations and donors and is truthful in its solicitation materials. Funds are utilized to further our mission and the advancement of our clientele, and are expended consistent with the intent of the donor.

Openness and Disclosure - NPS provides comprehensive, accurate and timely information to the public, the media and all stakeholders and is responsive in a timely manner to reasonable requests for information.

Diversity and Inclusiveness - Among our clients, colleagues and vendors and in our community, we advocate the value of diversity and inclusiveness, and work to expand our understanding and proficiency. We attend to the dynamics of difference, knowing that multiple viewpoints and shared solutions are essential to effective actions. We serve all forms of nonprofit organizations - large, small, established, emerging, traditional and innovative. We promote inclusiveness. Our staff, consultants, Board, volunteers and vendors reflect the diversity of our community. Diversity and inclusiveness enrich our programmatic, governance and organizational effectiveness.

Promotion of Learning - We are a learning organization. NPS is committed to improving program and organizational effectiveness. Our Board, staff, affiliated consultants and trainers want to be among the very best at what we do. NPS is a learning organization - learning from one another, colleagues in the field, and most of all, from our clients.

Collaboration - NPS works in a collegial and accessible manner with clients, funders, colleagues and other stakeholders to leverage available community resources for greatest impact and benefit to our communities, and to further the interests and advancement of our clients.

Quality - We strive for and achieve excellence in all aspects of our organization and in the services we provide by regularly assessing the total organization and its outcomes and impacts on an ongoing basis.

Guiding Principles

Nonprofit Solutions' beliefs and core values have been defined and refined over the course of its 25+ year history and influenced by its evolution through the national Support Centers of America network, as well as the two strategic mergers which have produced Nonprofit Solutions as we know it today.

1. Promote client independence. Our entire motivation and interest is to help others be more successful, by transferring appropriate governance and management skills and insights. This process will enable our clients and colleagues to establish, pursue and achieve their own objectives. Our goals are to assist and support their efforts toward self-sufficiency and accountability by providing clients with effective, affordable and convenient management and governance training, technical assistance, information and referral, and other support services. We work collaboratively and respectfully with our clients to find solutions that are appropriate to their circumstances. We work for sustainable solutions by assisting client organizations in identifying their issues, accessing the appropriate tools to solve their management and leadership problems, internalizing and institutionalizing sustainable solutions, and learning how to solve similar problems in the future.

2. Promote diversity and inclusiveness. In our own organization, among our clients and colleagues and in our community, we advocate the value of cultural diversity and work to expand cultural proficiency. We pay attention to the dynamics of difference, believing that multiple viewpoints and shared solutions are essential to effective actions. We serve all forms of nonprofits -- large, small, established, emerging, traditional and innovative.

3. Ensure our own competence. Our board, staff and affiliated consultants and trainers want to be among the very best at what we do. We must know, utilize and contribute to leading-edge thinking in our fields of work. We look for ways to create a learning environment that encourages innovation and sharing of knowledge and techniques. We are committed to the ongoing development and competence of our staff, board and affiliated professionals with whom we partner in work on behalf of our clients. We want to practice what we preach by modeling best practices and effective behaviors in management and governance activities within our own organization. We are committed to being a learning organization–to learning from our clients, continuously incorporating best practices and new theories, and anticipating internal and external changes that will affect the capacity of our clients to fulfill their mission.

4. Collaborate with others. We want to initiate strong strategic alliances and partnerships with peer organizations, funders, and natural allies within the nonprofit sector and community at large. Throughout the sector, Nonprofit Solutions works in a collegial, and accessible manner with colleagues, funders, clients, and other stakeholders to avoid duplication and to identify and support the best strategies for leveraging available community resources for greatest impact and benefit to the community.