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HR That Works! ™ Benefits and Features
Subscribers click here to enter the HR That Works! ™ site

NMS has added a new benefit for members, a resource with up-to-date HR forms, templates and other resources for organizations without employment law experts on staff. This program is available at special rates only to NMS members.

Benefits include:

  • Dramatic decrease in employee lawsuit exposure.
  • Substantial increase in employee productivity and retention.
  • Bottom line improvement!

Features include:

  • Personnel Forms - More than 130 personnel forms, including everything from job applications to employment contracts and pre-termination checklists.
  • Self-Conducted Compliance Audit - Automated 200-question audit with suggested strategies and tools to improve your compliance status.
  • Employee Handbook Software - This easy to use program will helps create or improve your employee handbook.
  • Employee Knowledge Survey - Designed to unearth critical knowledge lying dormant within your company or organization.
  • Special Reports Series - Concise summaries of the most significant compliance and personnel management issues facing every company.
  • Compliance Quizzes - Automated 10 and 50 question quizzes for use during the hiring and training process.
  • Risk Management Models - Eight separate case scenarios that act as risk management fire drills. Complete with related forms and suggested approaches.
  • Compliance & Culture Newsletter - A visually pleasing, easy to read, newsletter with unique insights, strategies and tools.
  • Legal Alerts & Products Updates - When the occasion arises, we will send you an e-mail message.

What Makes HR That Works! ™ Unique:

  • It focuses on "real world" needs - there is a ton of information out there. And, that's the problem! HR That Works! ™ focuses on the critical aspects of HR and risk management so you don't waste time and energy on the trivial. Think of it as more like a tool box than a library.
  • It is easy to use - Simply by clicking a few buttons, you can have access to a powerful array of on-line strategies and tools you can put to use immediately.
  • It is a proactive and unified system - The best problem is one never encountered. We believe sound workforce management requires unification of compliance and culture, in a proactive and systemic manner.

Special to NMS Members:

The features listed above and others available through HR That Works! ™ have a total value of more than $3,000 if purchased separately, and the whole package retails for $2,995. NMS members can have access to all of the products in this program for an annual fee of $500. Once you are enrolled in the program, you can access it through the NMS website.

For more information about HR That Works! ™ products, or to subscribe to this feature, contact Lenore Lowe at 858-292-5702 or