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Nonprofit Management Solutiosn Special Programs - Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Board Connection, Supervisory Skills Certificate Training Series.

Certificate Program
in Nonprofit

"The class was very stimulating and never a dull moment. The topics kept me focused in meeting my initial goals with regards to finance and the challenges confronted by non-profits. Having students from different work backgrounds created strong conversation opportunities to problem solve together and develop strategies to support each other in various
ways, clever! I will be recommending this course to
my peers. Thank you."
~Cynthia Kaser, La Maestra Community Health Centers

Spring 2017

The Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management is a joint venture between Nonprofit Management Solutions and Brandman University, designed specifically to help participants prepare for leadership positions with nonprofit organizations. The 12-session survey curriculum examines the fundamental governance and management skills required to lead mission driven organizations.

Held every Spring and Fall - Receive a Certificate of Completion and 3.6 CEU's!

Session 1: Class Overview and Expectations; History of the Nonprofit Sector
  • An overview of the nonprofit or third sector. Topics include: history of nonprofit sector in the United States, legal distinctions of nonprofit organizations, and contemporary management trends

Session 2: Governance, Accountability and Regulation
  • An overview of the role and responsibility of the board of directors in a nonprofit organization. Topics include the differences between governance and management, legal obligations of board members, and best practices.
Session 3: Mission Alignment/Strategic Planning/Evaluation
  • An exploration of the importance of strategic thinking, planning, and processes in sustainability and mission achievement.
Session 4: Leadership/Management
  • An exploration of the differences between leadership and management as well as the cultural, gender, and generational differences that exist.

Session 5: Human Resources
  • An introduction to human resources. Topics include compliance with State and Federal employment laws, tactical efficiency and strategic decision-making in human resource management.

Session 6: Financial Management
  • An introduction to financial management essentials in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit accounting vocabulary and structures, budgets, internal controls and oversight.
Session 7: Marketing and Branding
  • An examination of the basic elements of the marketing process of nonprofit organizations. Topics include the interplay of branding, marketing, and public relations for organizational positioning.
Session 8: Resource Development
  • An examination of the basic essentials of finding and cultivating the financial resources that support sustainability and mission achievement.
Session 9: Advocacy
  • An overview of the role of advocacy in nonprofit organizations. Topics include the different forms of advocacy, the rules regarding grassroots lobbying, and the importance of cultivating relationships with elected officials and others.
Session 10: Technology
  • An examination of the role of technology and its impact in nonprofit organizations. Topics include data, constituent, and program management, and social media and website management.
Session 11: Class Presentations I
Session 12: Class Presentations II

Who Should Attend
* Managers looking to move into senior or executive leadership roles
in the nonprofit sector
* Volunteer Leaders in nonprofit organizations


Wednesdays, August 22 - November 7, 2018 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Nonprofit Management Solutions | San Diego, CA 92111

How much does it cost?



$875 ($800 Class fee + $75 Material Fee)

Non-Members/Public Price:

$975 ($900
Class fee + $75 Material Fee)