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The Mindful Manager

Certificate in Nonprofit Management

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Volunteer Manager
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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (IDEA) Learning Group

Nonprofit Essentials

Volunteer Essentials

Nonprofit Management Solutiosn Special Programs - Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Board Connection, Supervisory Skills Certificate Training Series.

The Mindful Manager - A 10-workshop series that focuses on building skills critical for successful management. While each 3-hour exploratory workshop provides a valuable independent learning experience, completion of all ten workshops in the series gives participants a toolbox of integrated strategies for both self and team management.

Certificate in Nonprofit Management - This twelve course curriculum along with three practicums examines the fundamental principles of a nonprofit business and analyzes practical and proven management techniques along with less traditional innovative strategies to address management issues in the 21st Century.

5-Week Learning Groups

Development Director Learning Group - In this Learning Group, Development Professionals will receive coaching from experts and input from peers. The five, 3-hour sessions provide hands-on training for fundraising professionals in nonprofit organizations to improve their skills. Participants will also create and/or refine their Development plan and learn the keys to its implementation.

Finance Learning Group - This Learning Group features five interactive workshops that cover the mechanics of nonprofit accounting and the “blueprint” for financial accountability and sustainability. Participants will develop and/or refine accounting policies, job descriptions, and task matrix.

Human Resources Learning Group- The Human Resources Learning Group provides the knowledge and practical skills for human resources administration and management. Rapidly changing workplace initiatives, legal landscapes and workplace culture are an integral part of the human resources function. Whether you are a full-time HR professional or someone who has “the accidental” responsibility for human resources, the responsibilities are the same.

Manager Learning Group - In-depth training by experts in a peer learning environment for new managers and those with up to 5 years of experience.

Volunteer Manager Learning Group -The Volunteer Manager Learning Group examines the changes in the nonprofit sector affecting volunteerism, challenges in creating an organizational culture that supports and maximizes the value of volunteers, and the skills needed to effect change. This specialized program offers in-depth training and a unique networking opportunity that supports peer learning.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (IDEA) Learning Group -In this learning group participants discuss why we are here, who we are in relation to others and what we can achieve together. Participants will also examine why systems of oppression were developed. Participants will develop a project of their choice to share with their organization to support them in being champions of inclusion, equity and diversity.

Essentials Workshop Series

Nonprofit Essentials - NE is a series of workshops that address the core aspects of operating a nonprofit organization. The program is designed to offer a foundational knowledge base for emerging nonprofit organizations and professionals.

Volunteer Essentials - VE is a series of workshops that address the core aspects of operating successful volunteer programs. This highly interactive series is ideal for nonprofit professionals who work with volunteers such as volunteer coordinators, managers, or program supervisors.