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Class Description

Course Name: Coffee with Pat: Advocacy-The time is now!
Course Category: Organizational & Leadership Development
Class Date: 10/25/2017
Class Start Time: 8:30 AM
Class End Time: 10:30 AM
Public Price: $70.00
Member Price: $55.00
Sweet Deal: $0.00
Trainer: Pat Libby
Location: Nonprofit Management Solutions
Course Overview: Lobbying and Advocacy for Nonprofits Legal and Practical Strategies for Advancing our Work. Many nonprofits are confused about the difference between lobbying and advocacy and often mistakenly believe that active lobbying will jeopardize their tax exempt status. Some question what realistically can be accomplished through advocacy and lobbying or doubt they will be successful in convincing their board members to take action. Pat Libby, author of the Lobbying Strategy Handbook (Sage 2012), will walk us through compelling reasons to engage in lobbying, clearly explain the legal rules governing nonprofit lobbying, and describe a 10 step framework that nonprofits can use to actively and successfully engage in lobbying.